Is this you?


Are you worried about getting your students (especially those a few years behind) to proficiency when you see them for only 50 minutes a day?  

Or stressed by the thought differentiating for the vast range of readers/writers in your class? 

Or frustrated by students who don't see the relevance, putting in the minimum effort for a grade, or worse, who tune out completely?

If you're barely keeping your head above water, juggling lesson planning, stacks of ungraded work, and being the teacher your state/test/leadership want versus the teacher you know your students need, know this: you're not alone.


We feel you because we've been there.

Honestly, the challenges of teaching today can make us all feel a little inadequate, and even the best among us start to wonder, "Am I cut out for this? Is it even possible?" 

You see, athletes, entrepreneurs, and surgeons get coaches dedicated to their professional and personal success. We think teachers deserve the same level of support and respect. We do not think that you should have to face your challenges alone.

Every teacher deserves a coach and a community in their corner.

We're the coach in your corner.

Whether you're experienced or just getting started, we want to support you in navigating your classroom challenges and maximizing your potential as a professional educator. 

Using our proven, time-saving, seven-step teaching and planning framework, The EMPOWER Method®, we  "stack the deck" in your favor: engineering units and lessons specifically designed to engage ALL your learners and keep them engaged. 

Beyond the classroom, you can use the The EMPOWER Method® to expand your earning potential and professional options. Our users have earned extra cash on the side as curriculum designers, leaders of teacher teams, participants in summer grant programs, and as education consultants to schools and districts.

Our users have even used principles from the framework to get books published, run meetings, teach university courses, and write "Shark Tank"-style business pitches.

Because we focus on principles, you will find that The EMPOWER Method works no matter whom or what you teach. These are the nuggets of wisdom that we wish someone had told us earlier along our teaching journeys. And now we want them to share them with you.

What would it mean to you if you had... more stressful Sundays filled with endless planning and grading. more anxiety wondering if you could be doing more/better by your students. more students putting their heads on the desk whenever you begin a reading or writing activity. more students asking what's the bare minimum they can do.
...a whole community by your side and no more feeling like you're on an island

You can be the teacher who helps students get it, who can design "ah, ha!" moments, who sparks lively discussion, and who truly connects to students because you made an impact on them. 

And you can stay in a profession that you love. You can avoid the burnout. isolated, burdened buried--that's legit. not a good feeling. 2/3 of the time, the whole year.

Because you know how to make tomorrow's lesson matter.

Be that teacher. Click here to request an invite to our course and get your free preview guide. 


Meet your guide

Adam Fachler, the creator of the EMPOWER Method®, taught, led teams and departments, coached teachers, and served as intern-principal in the Bronx before helping co-create the School in the Square

He has consulted with hundreds of educators and educational leaders to reimagine how they teach, learn, and organize their learning environments.

He is: a 5 on the Enneagram; a Foundation Training fanatic; a daily meditator; a fan of freestyle.